September 2014
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ISO 14001 Updates Encourage Adherence to the Spirit of the Standard

September 23, 2014


Companies with strong management commitment to environmental programs that address the lifecycle impacts of their operations may have little to fear from the proposed updates to ISO 14001 protocol.  All others may find the new system to be a bit more of an adjustment... Read more...


Ask the Board

"In the age of social media, what is the value of an in-person connection?"

Kelvin Roth
CF Industries

To know if you've reached someone effectively, you have to listen. It's that simple... You listen. Read more...


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The Energy-Water Nexus: A Business Case for a Systems Approach to Resource Management

Published with support from MWH International and Process MAP

In our latest research paper, NAEM outlines the interdependent relationship between energy and water and how companies are taking a systems approach to manage these resources

Download your free copy today!


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The Green Tie is published by NAEM to advance the public conversation about best practices in environment, health and safety (EHS), and sustainability management. Here are a few of the posts from this past month.



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NAEM and CDP Plan Celebration for Top North American Carbon Performers

CDP announced today it will host a celebration for its top North American carbon performers on Oct. 21 in tandem with the National Association for Environmental Management's (NAEM) 2014 EHS Management Forum in Austin, Texas. The reception will include an overview of CDP's work to accelerate corporate carbon emissions reductions in North America and a presentation of leading climate change practices by a large U.S.-based company.


Upcoming Events


2014 EHS Management Forum

October 22-24, 2014

Austin, Texas




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